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Navegando en el lago más alto del mundo

Peru boasts one of the most beautiful and majestic natural attractions in the world: the highest lake in the world. This lake is called Titicaca. The lake is more than 3,800 meters above sea level and has an area of ​​8,562 square kilometers. This places it as the most extensive and highest navigable lake on the planet.

Enjoy this incredible jewel of the Andean highlands. If you come from the plains, you will be challenging your body to resist extreme heights and cold. Have an experience on the “roof of the world”, and visit Lake Titicaca. You will be rewarded with an experience that goes beyond the natural landscapes you will normally find. This location is an intimate experience with Pachamama (mother Earth).

There are many things to do in the town of Puno, and at Lake Titicaca. You can wet your feet in the blue and icy waters of Titicaca, and walk along trails that take you to towering viewpoints. Take a stroll through the coastal town, and immerse yourself in its unique culture. You will be so close to the heavens that at night you will feel that the stars are your shelter.


Videos of Lake Titicaca – The Highest Navigable Lake in the World

A lake with many islands and traditions

On Lake Titicaca there are a lot of islands. Many of them are small and inhabited by few families. You can arrive by a private, rented boat, or by a tour guide. The communities will welcome you like you are family.

You will learn about the history and culture of these small villages on the tours. You even can stay in the homes of the locals for an immersive experience, and they will show you how they live their day to day lives. By sharing cultures, you will learn more about the inhabitants of the highest lake in the world.

On the highest lake in the world, are the floating Uros islands

The waters of the lake create 1,125 kilometers of coastline that Peru and Bolivia share.  The lake is 388 kilometers from Cusco. Titicaca and its islands are an unmissable destination in your travels through Peru.

Only 30 minutes by boat from the coast are the Uros islands. These are a set of 40 islands built from totora, a reed that grows under the waters of the lake. A whole citadel stands on these foundations created from the totora. The inhabitants are Aymara, one of the oldest Andean civilizations (older than the Inca!).

The totora is utilized for everything in the Uros culture

The totora root is used to create many things around the Uros. This plant is utilized in the construction of the base of the island, and also for the walls and roofs of the houses. Everything is made with the totora, including being served as a part of meals.

The inhabitants say that during the time of the conquest, the Aymaras escaped slavery helped by this plant. They used it to build small boats with which they fled and hid in the totora. Over the years, the Aymara descendants learned to build the islands to settle on the highest lake in the world.

In our tour packet  Cusco y Puno en 7 días with Inka Jungle Tour, you can experience the ways of the Uros, in a tour that is characterized by maintaining harmony and balance between travelers and ancestral cultures.

A natural and cultural experience

Visiting the highest lake in the world is a natural and cultural experience. It is said that Manco Cápac and Mama Ocllo, founders of the Inca Empire, were born in this iconic lake. The communities preserve all the pre-Columbian traditions, which you will have the opportunity to witness. Don’t forget, to bring a heavy coat, lotion and sunscreen since you’ll be in one of the highest places on the planet. The sun burns hot in the day, and the nights are usually very cold. Make sure to be prepared, so that you can enjoy a unique experience that your body and your spirit will not forget. Enjoy this adventure in the south of Peru.

Vista del lago Titicaca
Pretty view of lake Titicaca

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