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Important details

Things you should know and plan before your trip to Peru
General characteristics


Peru has wonderful natural and tourist attractions where you practice outdoor activities and all known adventure sports.

Its varied geography includes, among others, a warm desert coast, imposing mountains (Andes) and an exuberant jungle. In Peru, you can practice conventional and adventure tourism, going through mountaineering in the snow peak mountains, sandboarding in the coastal dunes, canoeing in mighty rivers, walking along long and cobbled Inca roads, among many others.

Best season to travel to Peru


Most of travelers who come to Peru for the first time focus their goal on Machu Picchu (Cusco), which is located in the mountains (Andes), and chose itineraries that include this attraction.

Then the best season to visit Peru is between the months of April to November during the dry season (absence or little rain) in the mountains.

During those months, this is also the high tourist season, therefore,  everything is more expensive and at the same time scarced. It is recommended to book tours and services in advance for these dates.

Hotels, hostals, lodging and more


In Peru there is accommodation for all kinds of requirements. You can find basic lodging from $10 dollars to luxurious hotels at $1000 per night

The type of accommodation and quality of service vary greatly, mainly in Lima and Cusco, due to the high demand. Cusco being the main destination and being a small city, it  has a deficit in terms of the amount of accommodations available.

Hotels, hostals, basic lodging and rented houses are the type of accommodations that you can find in Peru. It is recommended to book in advance and cerefully check comments on website such booking.com, tripadvisor.com, etc., to choose correctly.

How to travel in Peru


Transportation in Peru involves services of motorcycle-taxis (tuki tuki), taxis, minivans (collectivo), local buses, interprovincial buses (long trips), flights and river transport.Transportation in Peru could be traumatic for those who are not used to it and we recommend hiring recognized companies with experience in the region.

For our services, we hire tourist transportation services with responsible drivers, with extensive experience and knowledges about the sinuous routes that cross the Peruvian Andes.

For tours that involve air, river and rail transportation, it is recommended to book well in advance as prices vary drastically according to the season.


It is one of the activities that you can fully enjoy, mainly in Lima and the Peruvian coast.


It is relatively easy to find phone and internet connections, mainly in large cities.


In Peru, Spanish is spoken mostly, but also Quechua, Aymara and other dialects of the jungle.


Remember to take your visa and / or passport during your tours as they will be necessary to access some attractions.

Banks and cards

In general, you will not have problems finding a bank or ATM that allows you to withdraw money.


In Peru, the common voltage is 220 V. The frequency is 60 Hz. The plugs and plugs are A / B / C type.

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