Payment Method

Online payments

Many travelers book the tours without anticipation, which is why we work with the safest and fastest Internet payment platform.

PayPal is an online payment method that allows you to transfer money (pay) directly using your VISA, Master Card or American Express credit card. It also allows you to create a personal account by associating your card which allows you to buy at most online businesses.

Is it safe?

PayPal is the safest payment method, since your financial information is kept private. Your card numbers will never be revealed to the seller over the network. Paypal will charge commission to the receiver, so you must previously consult the percentage of additional fees.

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Online Booking

We recommend booking in advance to ensure that hotels, transportation, tickets to Machu Picchu are available, as well as access to the main tourist attractions in Peru.

Remember that you can make a group payment or also pay separately. The final reservation requires that each participant send their complete data separately through the BOOKING page and send the advance payment (50%) or full payment.

It is important to mention that electronic payments (credit card / Paypal) will incur an additional surcharge of 10% for either the advance booking or the payment of the final balance.

Other payment options

After clicking on the ‘Book and pay later’ button, customer will be able to see the transaction in the following page. There’re two buttons, Submit Payment Receipt and Make An Online Payment.

For Make An Online Payment, customer can perform an online payment via Paypal and Credit Card.

Verifying The Receipt Submission

Now we will be able to verify the receipt on our end. We will have option to approve or reject the receipt submission. After approving or rejecting, the system will send email notification to customer.

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