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Los círculos misteriosos
Just about 50 kms northwest of Cusco, you find an architectural marvel and historical curiousity. What was Moray? This mysterious circles built by pre-Inca cultures, it stands as a favorite Cusco destination due to its ancient mystery and other-worldliness. Despite the visits it gets per year, the purpose of these structures is still limited to theories. The Mystery. We gather evidence from the physical attributes of Moray. With circles/craters being...
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Rainbow Mountain (Vinicunca) is quickly becoming a popular attraction in Cusco Peru. However few who attempt it are aware of the reaches of its altitude. Vinicunca is at 5,200 m and is often done as a day trip. That means if you arrive by plane, you can almost go from sea level to the altitude of Mt. Everest base camp in one day! (~5,300 m) With that thought, we found...
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diferencias llama alpaca vicuña guanaco
One of the most common associations with the Andes of Peru (besides Machu Picchu) would be those long-necked critters known as Llamas, and of course Alpacas. However their relatives both the vicuñas (vi-koo-nyas) and guanacos (gwa-nah-kos) are a little bit less familiar.  All of these animals of the Andean landscape are known by their family name, Camelids which also includes camels. Although similarly related, it’s easy to tell apart an alpaca from a...
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Llama or Alpaca encounter in Peru
The herds of Llamas and Alpacas cover the Peruvian Andean mountainsides. Their shepards often will watch over them as they eat and play together, spending all day in relative safety.  These animals have always been a part of Peruvian identity, from when the Incas lived in Machu Picchu to current times. Find out where to meet one of these well-loved creatures! Where is your best chance to see llamas? The...
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Peru Poop Coffee
Peru is a fascinating place. The biodiversity in this country is immense, and Peru is renowned internationally for it’s agricultural exports. In coffee alone, Peru ranks in the top 10 exporters worldwide! With so many animals and so many crops, a few farmers decided to get a bit experimental and combine the two. Introduce the Coati (or Uchunari) It looks something like a mix between a cat, raccoon, and monkey....
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