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4 days to Machu Picchu: an unforgettable adventure through the Sacred Valley

Caminando por la ruta del tren a Machu Picchu

Bike down a mountain, raft in ancient rivers, zip line over high jungle, and thermal baths. These are just some of the activities you’ll experience before arriving to the famous site The Inca citadel is of one of the best 4-day tours to Machu Picchu, one of the most beautiful and important places of the ancient empire.

If you’re looking for a unique experience to go along with one of the most famous attractions on earth look no further.

Video Machu Picchu via Valle Sagrado in 4 days

Mountain Descent: Take a bike from 4300 meters

Day 1 starts early and after breakfast starts right away. Weaving through the enormous mountains that guard the region to get to Verónica passing through Chinchero, Urubamba y Ollantaytambo. All were populated by the time of the Incas. But Ollantaytambo is the city that conserves most constructions of the old empire. Many of its streets are still dirt and there are old canals that run through the town so that the rainwater runs off.

With altitude, the weather changes drastically. From a sunny and warm morning in the city to the cold of the hills. The thick fog can restrict visibility and the cold will bite at your fingers. Descent is by bicycle from 4,300 masl to 1,500 masl. The bold can reach speeds that exceeded 60 kilometers per hour and the change of scenery is incredible. In 3 hours the terrain changes from the mountainous forests to the jungle, with plants more characteristically dense and tangled. From the infernal cold to the intense heat. . The adrenaline that you feel is wonderful. But it was not going to be the only adrenaline moment of the day.

Through the River

After lunch in Santa Maria is rafting in the River Urumbamba. Another unmissable experience, even if fear paralyzes you. In the early afternoon you ride through rapids guided experts.

Expect the water to be as frigid as the air is warm. Between risky maneuvers, you can contemplate the imposing mountains of rock and thick vegetation. Beware of being distracted because suddenly the rapids approach you have to coordinate with your classmates. That night gives you an opportunity to swim and jump into the river.

Bicycle during inka jungle tour

Hiking, coffee, “Luna” and The Inca Trail

The exertions of the days ensure you’ll sleep well which is just as well because the days begin early. It is wonderful the silence at that time of the morning. Only birds are heard as the sun rises up the mountain to give light to the whole valley. Have a good breakfast because the energies will be needed in the coming walking. The objective on day two is to go from Santa María to Santa Teresa.

This day all your senses explode. You’re not just “looking” at the path. You go sniffing, feeling, tasting. The long trail is on a lightly signposted route between the mountains. Along the way are small towns that live from what they produce in this region and you have a chance to learn about the coffee production process.

Enjoying the coffee route

Looking at the precipice along the winding Inca trail

In the afternoon you reach the highest point of the mountain range as on the Inca trail to reach Santa Teresa. The views are amazing. When you look down you can see the jungle merge with the river. But there are areas where the path is so narrow that you are focused on not taking a false step. On one side you have the rock and on the other the cliff. Before so much immensity it is easy to feel small.

To end the day is the hot springs that are at the foot of the rock. It is not a volcanic area, so it is not well known where the hot water that fills the pools comes from. It is the most relaxing moment of the day. Take as long as you want in the water late at night and rest in Santa Teresa.

By the train tracks to Aguascalientes

The third day of travel is not as demanding as the previous ones, but an adventure awaits in the heights. The first thing is a zip-line. The course is five sections hung by metal cables. Over 100 meters from the river and it is a little frightening if you fear heights.

After zip lining is the walk from Hidroeléctrica to Aguas Calientes, which follows the side of the train tracks. The landscape is totally different in this region. The jungle is thicker, always gives shade to the path. Everything is intense green and the humid heat forces you to walk slowly. There is plenty of time to enjoy the scenery and every so often the train will toot its horn for you to be careful. Along the way are some giant stone ruins. 

Before the sun came sets you arrive at the town that is at the base of the archaeological complex. The place is very picturesque, as if it had been drawn. Streets that are pedestrian, many lights and thousands of tourists walking. Aguas Calientes is hidden between several mountains. Its climate is warm and at night darkness surrounds it.

Hike to get to Machu Picchu

Arriving at Machu Picchu, the end of the trip

Long before sunrise you set off for the colossal archaeological complex. Getting up early is worth it to beat the crowd. Some elect to climb the mountain. Alternatively you can take a bus so as to be rested to tour the ruins.

The landscape is surreal, enigmatic. You will hear of the great emperor and that Machu Picchu was hidden for generations. In truth it is unknow if Machu Picchu is the true name of this place. Llamas and alpacas are also part of the landscape. They are nice and they are always looking for a camera to come out in photos and videos.

Thousands of people visit. The place is unforgettable without a doubt. Its construction remains a mystery. Its location is majestic, privileged.

Several hours later you are back in Cusco.

View of Machu Picchu

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