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What do you get when you mix Coatis and Coffee? Peruvian Poop Coffee!

Peru Poop Coffee

Peru is a fascinating place. The biodiversity in this country is immense, and Peru is renowned internationally for it’s agricultural exports. In coffee alone, Peru ranks in the top 10 exporters worldwide! With so many animals and so many crops, a few farmers decided to get a bit experimental and combine the two.

Introduce the Coati (or Uchunari) It looks something like a mix between a cat, raccoon, and monkey. Besides this cute mixture, it has become particularly sought after in Peru due to it’s…exports. You see, Coatis are the main producer when making something that has come to be known as: Peruvian Poop Coffee.

Coatis make great coffee!

Let’s explain. So basically these animals are fed coffee cherries along with other fruits by coffee growers. Unable to be digested by the Coati’s system completely the coffee cherry is partially broken down by enzymes. Then the natural happens.

Workers carefully wash and dry this product, then mill it to extract the bean. All that remains after that is a roasting of the beans and it is ready for you!  Firsthand reports say this coffee is almost devoid of bitterness, yet still full-bodied with a slight taste of various jungle fruits. 

The South American Kopi-Luwak

Thanks to certain movies you have probably heard about the Indonesian poop coffee, Kopi-Luwak. This is essentially made with the same process, only with a Coati versus a Civet.  Reuters did a fantastic article about this new South-American trend.

Where to buy this treat?

 This coffee is definitely expensive and sells for about $20-$60 per 100 gr. in some places. You can find it in specialty coffee shops in the Cusco region. Looking to meet a Coati yourself? Find them in the forests near Pisac, Peru.

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