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Salineras de Maras en el Valle Sagrado
The Sacred Valley is most famously associated with Machhu Picchu, and images of splendorous vistas along the Inca Trail. However the Sacred Valley is in fact brimming over with ruins, natural wonders, and living breathing indigenous cultures. It is possible to spend a week in the Valley seeing something new every day and never coming close to Machu Picchu. If you would like to discover the secrets of the Sacred...
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Montaña de colores Vinicunca vs Palcoyo
Cusco boasts two natural marvels that have driven up tourism in recent years. Vinicunca y Palcoyo, two rainbow mountains that have striking striations of pigment at their peaks. The two look very similar but the experience of going to them is very different. On our TOUR of Vinicunca we go to an altitude over 5200 meters over sea level, Palcoyo in comparison is 4900 masl. Both are around Cusco in different...
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Caminata a Ausangate
Ausangate is the 5th highest mountain in Peru, topping out at 6,384 meters above sea level. Less well known than other surrounding attractions the mountain is gorgeous and the ultimate representation of the southern Peruvian Andes. The landscapes and views from Asungate are one of a kind and the mountain is just 100km southeast of Cusco. A guardian mountain Ausangate (Awsanqati in quechua) had deep cultural significance during the rule...
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Caminata para llegar a Choquequirao
Are you looking to get away from the noise and lights of the city? Do you want to test your physique and your spirit? We suggest you meet the sister of Machu Picchu, Choquequirao.  Have you heard of these magnificent ruins? Where is Choquequirao? The first thing you need to know is that Choquequirao is an archaeological park located on the top of a fertile mountain. It is in the...
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Foto de campamento en nevado Ausangate
If you have been travelling the Sacred Valley you have probably seen “APU” in conjunction with very high hills in the Cusco region. These are beautiful snowy mountains worthy of adventuring, they have great trails, and places to camp, as well as incredible views. But, what does APU mean?  APU is a Quechua word that comes from the time of the Incas. It has two meanings, “mountain” and “spirit”, so...
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