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Atractivos de la ruta norte del Perú
Northern Peru is home to natrural wonders, exotic foods, and ancient cultures. In our trip exploring Gocta,  Kuélap and the Moche Culture we discovered new ways to appreciate the natural world and learned from civilizations with culture and customs dating back far before the Inca. The adventure to the high forest was a trip to some of the most breathtaking locales in northern Peru. We began in Lima on our...
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Caminando por la ruta del tren a Machu Picchu
Bike down a mountain, raft in ancient rivers, zip line over high jungle, and thermal baths. These are just some of the activities you’ll experience before arriving to the famous site The Inca citadel is of one of the best 4-day tours to Machu Picchu, one of the most beautiful and important places of the ancient empire. If you’re looking for a unique experience to go along with one of...
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Biodiversidad de la selva peruana
One of the things we quickly learn when traveling is that you can’t know everything that a country has to offer. You are sitting in a city square looking at the tourists map and understand that choosing a route is relegating another. You sigh and try not to be consumed by that mixed feeling of anxiety and anguish, for not being able to tackle all of the attractions. Suddenly we...
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Caminata por el valle de Lares
Natural landscapes, cultural experiences, thermal waters and trails between mountains are some of the attractions that the traveler has in store in Lares. A walk through the Valley of Lares can take you to the mythical Machu Picchu by a different route to the traditional Camino del Inca. This alternative route to Machu Picchu will enrich your body and soul. How to get to Lares? The town of Lares, capitol...
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Navegando en el lago más alto del mundo
Peru boasts one of the most beautiful and majestic natural attractions in the world: the highest lake in the world. This lake is called Titicaca. The lake is more than 3,800 meters above sea level and has an area of ​​8,562 square kilometers. This places it as the most extensive and highest navigable lake on the planet. Enjoy this incredible jewel of the Andean highlands. If you come from the...
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