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Best thermal baths in cusco

baños termales cusco

Cusco has attractions for every kind of tourist. Mountains, rivers, lakes, tours, archaeological sites, adventure sports, and thermal baths. The best way to end a day of intense activities is to take a dip into thermal baths. These are the 6 best thermal baths in Cusco.

Depending on the route you take to Machu Picchu or the other attractions you visit in the area, you will have options to enjoy different thermals.

Cusco es una región que tiene de todo para el turista. Montañas, ríos, lagos, excursiones, sitios arqueológicos, la posibilidad de practicar deportes de aventura y también aguas termales. ¡Qué mejor que terminar un día de intensa excursión sumergido en aguas termales. En este post le contaremos cuales son los 6 mejores baños termales de Cusco.

Generalmente los viajeros hacen diferentes tours y eligen diversas rutas para llegar a Machu Picchu. Dependiendo el sendero que elija para arribar al atractivo turístico más importante de Perú, tendrá alternativas para disfrutar de unos baños termales. Hay 6 que se distinguen y son los siguientes:

  • Lares
  • Santa Teresa
  • Aguascalientes
  • Minas Moqo
  • Machacancha
  • CConoc

Cusco Thermal Pools

Thermal Pools in the Sacred Valley

Many ask us which are the thermals to visit in the Sacred valley. In reality there are none.

From Pisac to Ollantayambo is what is technically considered the sacred valley. Where you will find thermals is in the neighboring Valley/Community of Lares starting in Calca.

The best Thermals near Cusco

In the heights of Lares

Up above 3250meters over sea level you can find the impressive Thermal baths of Lares. The temperature ranges between 36º y 44ºC, a perfect contrast to the cold characteristic of the region. The hottest pool drawing water from the main well is 41°. A second, slightly larger pool is 35º C. The largest pool is 38º C. The waters have a yellowish tint from a high mineral content including sodium, calcium, magnesium, potassium, sulfates, iron, zinc and copper, the water is perfectly clean and safe.

After a long day of walking, biking, hiking, or climbing your body be glad for a dip. The heat and minerals are ideal for joint and muscle pain and relaxing.

The pools are a marvel in their own right being constructed from local stones and situated with beautiful views of the mountains.

Lares can be enjoyed in a trek of one or two days, depending on the tour you choose. From a low point in Ollantaytambo we set off on a Machu Picchu adventure. The hot springs are just one of many attractions including tiny isolated villages, majestic lagoons and herds of llamas in their natural environment.

You can also reach the Lares Thermals going from Cusco toward Calca. Before passing Pisac youll hit Lares.

Entry to the pools is 10 Soles, and they are open from 5am to 11pm. Camping is 7 Soles or a room in the thermal complex is 50 Soles.


Santa Teresa, were most tourists go

The most beautiful thermals near Cusco are those of Cocalmayo, in Santa Teresa. The waters are crystal clear, the pools are natural rock, the air is clean and the climate of the mountains are the perfect combination for enjoying thermal pools.

The three pools at Cocalmayo are huge. the temperature of each varies between 38 and 44º C. Cocalmayo allows you to enjoy the open air and waterfalls.

One drawback is the popularity of the pools. Santa Teresa is situated at the center of many trails for archaeological sites and treks in the area. Most all tourists in the area choose to stop at the pools on their way to Machu Picchu.

If you want to visit the best Thermals we invite you to our trip where we pass through all the best thermals near Cusco

Santa Teresa’s Spa is the ideal resting point in a trip to Salkantay and on the road to Machu Picchu. It is important to take care of your body especially in these mountains.

If you would like to go to Santa Teresa in a mini van or bus from cusco look for the ones headed to Hidroelectrica. You can also visit the spa on the return in train or walking from Aguascalientes.

Cocalmayo is only 4km from santa Teresa. Cars, Buses and Taxis leave every 20 minutes from plaza de armas in Santa Teresa and take 10 minutes to get to Cocalmayo. Entrance fee is 10soles and it is open from 5am to 11pm. There is plentiful hostels and lodging in the area if you would like to spend the night.

At the foot of Machu Piccu Swim at Aguascalientes

A set of beautiful and well cared for hot springs are in the high village of Aguascalientes in the looming shadow of Machu Picchu. A lovely resting place after touring the sacred valley or the hike to Machu Picchu

The pools at the spa range between temperatures of 38° y 46°C. The water is not dirty, as it first appears, but the product of high quantities of sulfur which is great for the skin.

The best time to go is in the morning. As you might imagine Aguascalientes is very touristy and hundreds of tourists want to experience them each day. We advise to visit the day following a trek to Machu Picchu and before returning to Cusco as an opportunity to rest your body.

The architecture and views make this tiny town destination incredible. The spa has all the services and luxuries for a relaxing experience

To reach the pools head up the avenue Pachacueq. From the Plaza de Armas it is only a 15 minute walk. Entrance is 10 Soles. Aguascalientes is open from 5am to 8pm

Thermals of Minas Moqo

Not far from Cusco, in the sacred valley, is Minas de Moqo, the thermals are only 500 meters from Calca.

The thermals here are characterized by the curative properties. Bathing in these pools helps with rheumatic pain and skin problems. The waters help with intestinal disorders and aids with metabolic problems.

The pools are 5 meters long and 5 deep with a temperature between 12 and 18ºC the source is wells in the Rio Vilcanota

Chemicals in these waters are very special. The waters have sodium chloride at a content higher than is safe for ingestion

Getting the the thermals is simple. Calca is around 50km from Cusco, about an hour, and 18km from Pisac. The city of Calca does not only have two wonderful thermals  (Machacancha y Minas Moqo) but also has the archaeological site Huchuy Qosqo


Also in Calca, this small spa is less well known to tourists though is not lacking. when mentioning Minas Moqo it is impossible not to talk about the thermals at Machancancha. Located 8km northeast of Calca, and close to Lares, the spa is at an altitude around 3050meters above sea level.

Visitors can enjoy 3 large pools with an average temperature of 40ºC. The facilities are covered by a glass roof and complete with changing rooms and restrooms for your comfort.

Similar to the spa at Minas Moqo the waters have qualities that are fantastic for the health, benefiting, arthritis, gout, anemia, neurasthenia and liver diseases.

This water is also yellowish with a metallic taste.

Present in these waters are chemicals including, sodium, magnesium, bicarbonate, sulfates and a high percent of potassium chlorinate and silicon

Cconoc, a place for healing

Cconoc’s spa offers a complete experience for travelers. The thermals are only a part of the attraction. The gorgeous landscapes of Cconoc are a marvel in of themselves. It is nestled between the mountains close to the Río Apurímac, skilled swimmers can cross from one side to the other.

The thermal baths of Cconoc are 78km east of Abancay in Apurimac. To get there from Cusco you head to the town of Curahuasi and from there set off for the baths.

Most who come to Cconoc are seeking the healing qualities of the water, to alleviate or cure pains and disease but it is just as good to rest, recover and relax. The services include lodging, bar and restaurant.

Another draw to the area is Canoeing on the River Apurimac

In Summary

There are no shortage of beautiful and curative waters in the area around Cusco now all you need to do is choose which you wish to see!

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