March 2018
11Get the best of Cusco in 24 hours
Cusco is jam packed with activities, restaurants and places to visit.  If you only have a short time in cusco it can be difficult to choose what to do – and even harder to fit it all in!  We would always recommend to stay at least a couple of days in Cusco – to acclimatize,...
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11Bebidas y fiesta en Cusco
Cusco is  a great place to visit during the day; filled with history, culture and stunning architecture.  But when the sun goes down you see a whole different side to the Inca City.  In that vein, here is our choices on the best bars in cusco, best clubs in cusco, and generally enjoyable dancing and...
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11Cusco vital energy
Travelers love visiting Cusco or Cuzco. (“Cusco” is the modern spelling, “Cuzco” is the original Spanish translation from the Quechua name Qosqo. Pronounced similar, used interchangeably) Most leave with great memories of climbing Machu Picchu, admiring ruins in the Sacred Valley or tasting the famous Pisco Sour. However, as many people will tell you, it’s not just...
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