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Terms and Conditions


General Conditions

Please, we urge you to carefully read what is described below, since the system of tourist services offered in Peru could be different from that of your country.


Dear Tourist, thank you for choosing us and trusting us.

The terms and conditions contained in this document regulate the access and use of the Web www.inkajungletour.com, (hereinafter INKAJUNGLETOUR or Website)

Access to these terms and conditions at the time of booking any of our services and/or products presented in INKAJUNGLETOUR implies acceptance of the same, and services and/or products are understood as the logistics and operational organization of: excursions, tours , transportation, accommodation, food, access ticket, sale of handicrafts, sale of air tickets, etc.), offered on the Website and content within a specific or global price.


The access and use of the Website grants the person who performs it the condition of client of the same, accepting from that moment and without any reservation the present General Conditions. INKAJUNGLETOUR reserves the right to modify or update them at any time, without the need for prior communication to users, and without prejudice to INKAJUNGLETOUR being able to establish Particular Conditions for the regulation of certain services.

In the event that the client is a minor, they must have prior authorization from their parents, guardians or legal representatives, who will be considered for all purposes responsible for the acts and expenses carried out by said minors in their care, declining INKAJUNGLETOUR otherwise. , any liability in this regard.

These Terms and Conditions do not exclude the possibility that certain services provided through this Website, due to their particular circumstances, are subject to specific conditions of Use and Contracting, which may replace, complement and/or modify these Conditions. .


INKAJUNGLETOUR provides tourist services (conventional and adventure) in developing regions and therefore services such as accommodation, transportation and others may NOT correspond to what you normally consider or are used to.

However, we offer and hire the best local service providers in the different towns, cities and small villages where our services are developed. We choose our suppliers with great criteria and diligence, considering the sustainability of their work. Traveling through Peru requires flexibility, patience and good humor to accept and understand solutions to unforeseen situations that are beyond our control (Force Majeure).


This act can be defined as any event that INKAJUNGLETOUR could not avoid even using all possible ways. This includes events such as war or threat of war, riots, protests (of any kind), epidemics, pandemics, natural disasters, severe weather conditions, fires or similar events that are beyond our control.

In this case, INKAJUNGLETOUR will not be held responsible for said events and reserves the right to modify, postpone or even cancel the client’s trip (of course, this being the last option).

In case of strikes, protest, stoppages, etc. or other event of force majeure, we may have to start a day before/after or perform the service in less time by modifying the itinerary (according to the conditions). At no additional cost and/or expense from us, you agree to agree.


The times listed in the itineraries are approximate and are meant as guidelines only. Some itineraries of our services in general can start in the early hours of the morning (around 3 a.m.) in order to complete the tour during the day (avoiding extreme weather conditions or out of control situations).

We may also make last-minute service itinerary changes based on weather conditions, holidays, protests, etc. that are beyond our control, producing changes, modifications and sequentially affecting the itinerary of the contracted service. Therefore, we reserve the right to adjust the itinerary and/or modify, postpone or cancel the previously confirmed resources and/or services. In such cases there will be no cost adjustment.

We work together with the best adventure tourism operators in Cusco (same quality standard) and many times we unite our passengers in a single service, mainly in the rainy season, thus ensuring the safety and comfort of the tour.

It is the client’s responsibility to arrive on time for all scheduled services. Arriving late can be considered a “no-show”, in which case we will not be responsible for the cancellation, cancellation and/or loss of the contracted resources and services.

Note: the services that include the entrance to Machu Picchu and/or train ticket, once the reservation is confirmed, we do not offer any possibility of change, cancellation, modification since these are sold and regulated by the Decentralized Directorate of Culture (Ministry of Culture ) and private entities such as PERU RAIL, INCA RAIL (Rail Transport) to whom we can only request modifications as long as there is still availability in the quotas they offer and under penalties that would have to be covered by the clients. That is why the client is requested to previously define the exact date of the start of the service to be contracted.


Before you begin your trip, we strongly recommend that you obtain travel insurance that covers personal accident, medical expenses, air ambulance, loss of personal effects, repatriation expenses and any other expenses that may arise as a result of loss, damage, injury or inconvenience for the customer.

We also recommend that this covers cancellations, theft and lost luggage. Please send us a scanned copy of your policy to our e-mail or order a copy from a trusted family member or friend.


In general you must be in good health to join any of our services. Our leaders and tour guides are authorized to disqualify any client they believe is not suitable for the demands of the service. In this case there is no refund. INKAJUNGLETOUR offers a First Aid Kit for each trip; however, it is the responsibility of each client to bring the specific medications they need.


INKAJUNGLETOUR declares that it is not responsible for additional expenses caused by loss, theft, illnesses, epidemics, death, injuries, damages, accidents, malfunctions, cancellations, delays, injuries to other people or property, or any other unforeseen event. Please note that itineraries are subject to change or cancellation due to unforeseen and unusual events beyond our control, including weather conditions, flight delays, bus and train problems, political disputes or the like. We will do everything possible in these circumstances to reorganize the service as planned. All these losses or expenses will be the responsibility of the client; therefore, we recommend having insurance with coverage for any of the events listed above. Unused activities or benefits, which are included in your package, are non-refundable.

Nor does it assume responsibility for causes of force majeure, strikes, weather conditions, earthquakes, political situations, etc. that determine cancellations, changes, delays, etc. The client must pay any additional expenses caused by this situation. Likewise, it is not responsible for loss of luggage, theft or damage to luggage, understanding that it travels in a place known and accepted by customers and at their own risk. INKAJUNGLETOUR reserves the right to cancel or modify the scheduled itinerary when it considers it to be for the best development of the services. It is the responsibility of the passengers to have the appropriate documentation: passports, visas, TRAVEL INSURANCE, vaccinations, vouchers, etc. INKAJUNGLETOUR is not responsible for delays or expenses due to inappropriate documents or lack of travel documents.

In the purchase of any of our tourist services (Tours, Packages, Offers, etc.) or any of our complementary services or resources (Transportation, Flights, Tickets, Hotels, etc.) you fully and totally understand and accept and assume the risks involved in purchasing these services. INKAJUNGLETOUR does not accept any responsibility regarding events that may occur during the journey due to negligence of the tourist or events beyond our control.

When sending your personal data for the reservation, your passport number or identity document, you must verify that they are the correct, real, error-free and current data. Take into account that the authorities that control and regulate access mainly to tourist attractions such as Machu Picchu, among other services, are very rigid, are not very patient and do not provide immediate solutions in the event that your document is not validated.

To enter Machu Picchu it will be necessary to show your original identity document with which you made the reservation, either your passport or identity document (if applicable).


The access quotas to these additional mountains tend to run out quickly and suddenly, therefore we cannot guarantee the reservation of these attractions despite the fact that we have confirmed availability in a previous consultation. This means that if there is availability today but you make the advance payment a few days later, we cannot guarantee the reservation of any of these mountains for the required date.


INKAJUNGLETOUR offers tourist services considering a substantial improvement in the quality of all the components of an itinerary. Our prices are not the cheapest and not the most expensive on the market. We have managed to find the balance, relative, but functional with respect to the majority of offers that you can find in Peru. Our experience, our location and our purpose help us achieve this goal.

Likewise, our tour prices are managed according to the season (high or low), quantity (private or group), seasons of the year (summer or winter), and forms of payment for advance reservation (In situ, Transfer, Paypal, Western Union), therefore you understand and accept the differences in prices that each passenger may receive separately. Likewise, advance online reservations (offers through our Website, Social Media or other resellers) have other costs and vary according to availability and passenger preferences. These sales are also not subject to reimbursement after the advance payment has been made.

Likewise, you understand and accept that you will be able to find “similar” services at a lower price on the Internet or in Peru, although definitely not with the same quality as our services. You acknowledge these differences and agree to acknowledge the terms and conditions present in this document and especially that referred to in the Cancellations section.


All purchases of any service and/or product require an advance payment, although you can also pay in full for the service or product upon request.

The advance payment and/or full payment for the reservation of any of our tours or other services are not refundable. Once the advance payment and/or full payment of a reservation has been made, this enables us to initiate the definitive reservation procedures on behalf of the passengers, thus ensuring the tour or service within our programming, thus avoiding unnecessary risks. The confirmation of the reservation of the service or tour on your part enables us to reserve, purchase, pay and use the funds of your reservation with our corresponding suppliers and operators.

Non-refundable transaction: Any money transfer that the client sends us, under any modality (deposit, western union, credit card, paypal, etc.) is subject to a 100% non-refundable charge in addition to the commissions or other expenses generated from that transaction.


To start the reservation process with its subsequent confirmation, it is necessary for the client to send the advance payment of 50% of the total value of the requested product or service. You can also make the full payment of the tour prior coordination via email.

All payments do not include commissions imposed by banks, payment platforms, etc., and these commissions will be subject to projections and calculations previously designated for each service or resource offered by INKAJUNGLETOUR.

Any advance payment by credit card, Paypal, Payoneer, or other electronic payment process, requires a commission of 5% on the amount to be sent and must be covered by the client.

It is possible to send the advance payment by bank deposit (only for Peruvians) and also subject to transaction fees to be defined during the reservation process.

You can make payments in cash either in person or through an authorized agent and these do not require an additional commission, although they are also subject to legal taxes.

ABOUT PAYMENT DELAYS: Access tickets to any of the attractions (MachuPicchu, HuaynaPicchu, etc.) or any type of service (Train, Plane, etc.) usually run out suddenly and quickly. INKAJUNGLETOUR is not responsible for the impossibility of buying said tickets in the event of not receiving the advance payment on time.

BALANCE OF PAYMENT: We require that you complete the remaining payment in our office or at your hotel at the time of the previous meeting (technical talk) at least one day before the start date and in cash (US dollars or national currency) .

We reserve the RIGHT to cancel your trip if you do not make the balance of payment within the established period.

RETURN TO CUSCO: Depending on the chosen tour and based on these Terms and Conditions, the return to Cusco by train and/or bus will be coordinated.

Return a day later: If you wish to stay in Aguas Calientes an extra night, we offer the option of buying your train ticket for the next day, but the expenses involved in staying in this town are paid by the client (new entrance tickets to Machupicchu, buses up and down, bus from Ollantaytambo to Cusco, food, accommodation, etc.).


For tours that include admission to Machu Picchu, you can request the university student discount ($20 USD), previously sending the scanned image of your university card to try to validate it before the competent authorities, as long as the card meets the following requirements :

Original student card issued by the university up to the age of 25
You must show the name of the university
You will need to display the student’s personal information
You must show the photo of the student
You must show the effective date being no more than one year in relation to the date of visit to Machu Picchu.
This discount is for tours that include the entrance to Machu Picchu since it only applies to the purchase of the entrance ticket to this attraction.


Due to the fact that the railway companies arrange and manage the departure times of the wagons according to their own clauses and conditions, we are subject to said modality and have no control over the regulations, cancellations, postponements and schedule changes that the railway company manages. Therefore, you agree to agree with the return ticket schedule (Aguas Calientes to Ollantaytambo) issued by default and as the last option the train at 9:50 p.m.

For “last minute” reservations (in high season it can mean an average of 2 months) it is possible that we have to work with unusual train schedules and offer options such as the one mentioned (9:50 p.m.) or in the worst case present alternatives such as “luxury” or “comfortable” services but that require an additional charge from the client in order to cover the return service.

In case of wanting to change the schedule for the train service and if there is the possibility of it either in the same train category or another category, the client agrees to assume the extra charges that this implies.

Vistadome Train + $70 USD
Earliest schedule train + $20 USD


(1) The deposit or advance payment (plus any other commission) sent by the client for the reservation of any service or purchase of products is NOT refundable or transferable.
(2) Once the FINAL balance has been paid, it will NOT be possible to return or transfer the payment for cancellations, however, there is the possibility of giving you some tickets (entrance to tourist attractions, train ticket), but in case of that you have only sent the advance payment, unfortunately nothing will be returned.
(3) INKAJUNGLETOUR must be notified via email, phone call, or any change or cancellation of your trip as soon as possible and you must be sure of it before doing so. This basically to be able to react in time to the situation and avoid additional reservations.
(4) A claim letter for your insurance company can also be provided by us upon request.

VERY IMPORTANT: We strongly suggest you to stay at high altitude (above 3000 meters, in Cusco or other high altitude city) for 2 or 3 days (average) before starting the trip. This is in order to minimize possible illnesses from altitude, you can also help your body acclimatize by drinking plenty of fluids, adding a little more sugar to your drinks, eating foods rich in carbohydrates, avoiding tobacco and alcohol and drink muña, coca or other recommended tea.

Please ask your doctor about prescribing any additional medications.

* By confirming your reservation you express that you are fully accepting our terms and conditions.
Note: Terms and Conditions of Service are subject to change without notice.

We do our best to ensure you have a wonderful stay in our country!