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The Best Romantic Places in Peru – Tours for Couples

lugares romanticos en peru

Peru has many beautiful places ideal for couples or honeymooners, sites that offer privacy and beauty both naturally and in historic sites.

If you come to Peru looking for an intimate and special adventure we have the perfect places for you.

Which Romantic Places in Peru are Best?

Whatever youre looking for the 11 places listed below will have something that caters to you and your loved one. Whether you’re looking for a jungle excursion or a white sand beach, cosmopolitan city or high mountain vistas, you will have the chance to have a beautiful, unforgettable, romantic experience that isn’t available anywhere else in the world.

Punta Sal Beach, Tumbes

The beach at Punta Sal is considered the best in Peru by travellers from all over the world. Characterized by warm days and nights, palms and white sand. The very air is romantic and perfect for a travelling couple.

It’s very warm but there is always a cool sea breeze. The best thing to do is to swim, the water is always warm from equatorial currents pulling it down from ecuador.

Couples will love Punta sal as it is truly a paradise. It its wonderful for relaxing, has lovely restaurants and options for whatever you like in the region.

There are adventure sports to be done in pairs, surfing, fishing, or diving. No matter what you do Punta Sal always offers an unforgettable stay.

Colca Canyon, Arequipa

This attraction is ideal for couples who are looking for a natural adventures. Colca Canyon in Arequipe is a unique adventure. Hiking through the rolling canyon with wind in your face is an enriching experience.

Colca itself is magnificent, steep hills, straight terraces, a seemingly infinite valley and the waters of the Colca River. You can find herds of wild Vicuna and condors soaring high overhead. Cap off a day of exploring in the hot springs with your partner for an unrivaled experience.

Colca Canyon is the second deepest in the world. Just a few km from arequipa, you can choose between experiencing the hum of the city or the silence of nature. One of the greatest natural spectacles in the world with plenty of private moments and spaces for you and your partner.

Cruise lake titcaca in a canoe made of totoro reeds – Puno

For a romantic surprise a beautiful place is Lake Titicaca. The highest navegable lake in the in the world.

In Puno you can find tours to the floating islands of the Uros people.

The islands are made from the totoro reed(which the Uros people also use as food and medicine). The people who live there make everything with the totoro reed from boats to houses.

Here you can take a trip in totoro gondola around the lake, with magnificent views and an unforgettable experience.

Marcahuasi – Huarochirí, Lima (stone forests)

A more extreme proposition is the hike to Marcahuasi-Huarochirí. Couples in search of privacy and extreme adventure are advised to try this.

The road to Macahuasi(house of the protector) is the destination of a hike that leaves from the village of San Pedro de Casta, near Lima. It ascendes little by little to the stone forest. It is a difficult hike, some opt to rend a horse. The trek takes your from 3150 to 3950 meters above sea level. It should take two hours to get there depending on the speed of walking

Marcahuasi is considered a magic place, and has numerous histories. Many return with a feeling of purification deep within themselves

Here the air is pure and it is possible to see the stars in all their splendor. you will find ancient forts, a giant moon, a mirror lake. Camp and have a fire, listen to the legends of aliens over a coca tea.

The best time to visit is between April and July, otherwise you may be faced with heavy rain.

Pier at Puerto Etén, Lambayeque

In the province of Chiclayo, in northern Peru, is Puerto Eten, a magical and enigmatic place. The walk from the town down the pier is incredibly romantic especially during sunset. The sea breeze, the crashing waves against the beach and the gentle sun make will enchant you. The town is remarkably tranquil and otherworldly seeming. The birds cry as though they have a story to tell, and here is an ideal place to be with the one you love.

If you are looking for a place to inspire your creativity, find peace or silence, then come and relax here. Share this magical place with your companion.

There are also options for surfing, fishing and hiking.

Puerto Eten has a magic that will make it difficult to leave.

Puerto Supe, Barranca – Lima

Puerto Supe is a few kilometers from Lima and sits between vast deserts and white sand beaches. The climate is comfortable and calm. Puerto Supe is a site important to Peru’s history, passing through here will take you through poetry, harmony, and images of great Peruvian artists such as Tilsa Tsuchiya, Blanca Varela, Szyszlo, José María Arguedas and many more.

Get away from the bustle of the city to this coastal wonder. Drink in the culture and beauty with your spouse or significant other.

I love the coast, that dead mirror where the air spins like crazy, that wave of fire that sweeps corridors, shadow circles and perfect crystals”, is a fragment of the poem “Puerto Supe” by Blanca Varela that describes the magic of this tourist attraction.

In Puerto Supe you can find one of the oldest ruins in the Americas. The “rough ruins” date back to 3000BC. This is a wonderful place to feel the water on your skin while walking along the shore, hearing the song of the sea.

Tambopata – Madre de Dios

Very close to Cusco in the region Madre de Dios(mother of god) on the border with brazil is the Reserve of Tambopata. This place is the best option to escape to a refuge of lodges in the forest with the person you love.

In Tambopata there is much to do and see. An experience in the Peruvian jungle, where you can enjoy exotic local foods and discover places never before seen. The best thing about being in the jungle is the nearness to natural life, the plants an animals. Without a doubt this is a paradise on earth.

In the mornings head to the reserve and relax among thousands of unique species of plants and animals. Tambopata is one of the best protected areas on the planet. You can take nature photography, hike, birdwatch, raft and fish. in the nights, far from the noisy city, relax in the magic of the forest.

For more on Madre de Dios and the Peruvian forest visit: Madre de Dios y la selva peruana.

Puente de los Suspiros (Bridge of Sighs) en Barranco – Lima

When someone from Lima thinks about romance, the Bridge of Sighs invariably comes to mind. It is the romantic place in Lima to take a date and have a romantic getaway. For travelers who have just arrived in Lima, the district of Barranco is an essential walk in which you can go down to the beach and have ceviche. At night you can listen to poetry in any of the cultural centers and bars of the place.

From the beach you can get a good look at the Lima Skyline. The bridge is a lovely quick getaway for lovers in Lima.

Fly in a Hot Air Baloon

If you are seeking a unique adventure try a hot air balloon over Lima. The experience is incomparable. From the air hundreds of meteres above the earth you can see the nature of the country. How small things become and the immensity of the experience is indescribable. This experience is available in Lima, Pisco, Urumbaba, Colca and other towns around the nation.

Laguna de Yarinacocha (Ucayali)

In the heart of the peruvian forest there is a place, according to the residents, rich in love. The laguna Yarinacocha. Legends and stories agree the laguna was born of love. It was formed by the profuse tears of a young river mermaid who loved a man from the region. The romantics will find in the peaceful waters of this lagoon, and in the forest that surrounds it, the perfect setting for the consecration of their own love story.

Chinchero – Moray – Maras

In cusco you can take a romantic tour through the sacred valley. Littered with hot springs, archeolgical sites, llamas and spiritual awakenings this is sure to stir the romantic spirits within you.


Maras is a small village an you and a half west of Cusco. In ancient times it was a holy site with palaces and shrines abandoned during the conquering of the native peoples.

The main attraction of the site is salt mines 3000 meters high. This place is dotted with wells and the mine is active producing salt for the region.

The mines can be reached by foot over a trail or by car. The mines are made up of more than 3000 small wells located in a very small area. This salt, in addition to sodium chloride, has other minerals such as calcium, iron, magnesium, zinc and copper.

A las salineras de Maras se puede llegar a pie por un sendero o en vehículo por una carretera asfaltada. Las mismas se componen de más de 3000 pequeños pozos ubicados en un área muy pequeña. Esta sal, además del cloruro de sodio, tiene otros minerales como calcio, hierro, magnesio, zinc y cobre.


Moray is an archaeological located 7km from maras and 38 from cusco. Higher than 3500 meters Moray is a marvelous place to visit. It was discovered recently during an expedition in the 20th century

Moray is supposedly an agricultural laboratory of the Inca. An ingenious bit of constructions, it is circular tiers so that plants could be grown at different altitudes to measure the effects on production.


Chinchero is a tiny town 30 kilometers from Cusco and declared a historic site in 1972. In Chincero you will find an archaeological site almost 35 thousand hectares in size.

Chinchero has some of the best artisan crafts in the region. You can watch and learn the method of making textiles in the streets of this small colonial village. The history here is rich and the people are friendly and for this we recommend you visit.

The best way to get to know the region is el tour Chimona which has all the romantic spots you could hope for.


Las opciones están a su disposición, sólo le queda elegir el destino turístico y vivir una aventura romántica en Perú

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